Migration from Windows to Linux

It all started when I got my first laptop at the early age of 9. If I recall correctly, my first laptop was a Lenovo that I just used to play some games (mainly Minecraft).

After years passed by and I reached the age of 15, I heard something about this weird thing called Linux. Because of my curiosity at that time, I had to go and look up what Linux was and is. Apparently it’s some weird Operating System ( i know linux is just a kernel hurhur). My first thought was that why would I use this free thing when I have Windows 8.1 at that time, so I just shrugged it off (even though Windows 8.1 was horrible). Then, I heard something about spyware in Microsoft Windows and how there is a something called a backdoor in Windows. I read more about how Windows forces you to update and collects your data every time you opened Windows. Also, when Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge came out, they forced consumers to use Edge as the default browser and decided to install useless stuff on the OS such as Candy Crush ( i mean why??).

At the age of 18 after passing the national exam, I decided. It was time to get out of this Microsoft ecosystem and bull. I looked up some distros of Linux on Reddit. I decided to make a reddit post on r/linux4noobs about making the switch from Windows to Linux. I got a lot of suggestions and it was actually pretty hard to decide which one to use. But in the end I decided I didn’t want anything that resembles to Windows so I went for Kubuntu that shipped with KDE Plasma so I can customize it to be however I wanted.

After countless of months, my 4 year old laptop broke.Fortunately, my girlfriend had a laptop that hadn’t been used since ages and it was still good and had great specs! She decided to give me and I took it to the repair shop with her to get it fixed and upgraded.

After countless of distro hopping from Debian to Void Linux. I have now decided my fate is with Arch Linux ❤



Student that loves FOSS and hacking

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